Wednesday, October 02, 2002

I'm trying to focus more on West Coast media, but I couldn't help but comment on today's opinion piece by Maureen Dowd in the New York Times. A quick scan throught the blogosphere didn't turn up any comments on Dowd's column, so it's up to me to point out the gross sexism in a column that the New York Times or any other "respected" newspaper would never publish if a man wrote something similar about women.

Here's the first paragraph of the column: "Watching Robert Torricelli mist and mewl, as he was torn from the bosom of the Senate, gave me new pause over that old question: Are men biologically suited to hold political office and leadership positions?"

Can you imagine a male New York Times columnist asking if women are biologically suited to hold political office and leadership positions? Of course not, because it would never happen. The New York Times would never publish such a thing, and a male columnist would never write such a thing without fear of being fired.

Ms. Dowd is regularly slammed by bloggers, including Andrew Sullivan and Glenn Reynolds, so it's possible the lack of comments regarding today's column are because Ms. Dowd is held in such low esteem that it's no longer worth other people's time to comment on her stupidity.