Saturday, August 31, 2002

Here are more news articles and commentary from the last week or so that I won't get a chance to comment on, but wanted to share. Monday is usually a big news and commentary day, so I'll probably start sharing links to articles at the beginning of the week, as well as the end of the week.

Both NEWSMAX and FOXNEWS have recent articles on DDT. It's estimated that 30 to 60 million preventable deaths to malaria have occurred since DDT was banned. Read about it HERE, HERE, and HERE.

California PASSED a bill that requires "sensitivity" training for foster parents on homosexuality, bisexuality and trans-sexuality. In another story on California, Patrick Mallon SAYS California's lack of identification requirements when voting is the Democratic Party's way of inventing voters.

I have a few education stories. Former teacher B.K. Eakman WRITES how schools brainwash children. David Kirkpatrick SAYS public schools cherry pick the best students all the time, so it's hypocritical to make this case against private schools under school-choice programs. The USA Today WRITES that school systems turn away the best candidates by making them take "useless education courses." The teaching system is designed to hire the low achievers who are the only ones willing to put up with this nonsense. CNSnews REPORTS that a new poll on school choice is being challenged for misleading language. And my favorite education story, Joanne Jacobs COMMENTS on how unqualified socialist teachers who hate capitalism purposely mis-teach economics in high schools as part of their efforts to brainwash the public school children of America.

Ilana Turner SAYS that government spending and growth impoverishes America, because huge amounts of money are wasted on unproductive people.

FOXNews REPORTS that beginning October 1, all government agencies will be subject to the "Data Quality Act," which allows any group to look at the data used to justify regulations and to conduct its own study to challenge the data's accuracy.

Glenn Sacks COMMENTS on how domestic violence laws that require mandatory arrests presume men are guilty in domestic disputes.

Here are two similar stories on using phony goods to disrupt a market. The Washington Post REPORTS that record labels are uploading damaged music files on music sharing services to fight piracy. And the Thai government is CONSIDERING MANUFACTURING fake speed pills that cause headaches and vomiting to combat drug use.