Tuesday, August 20, 2002

I’m not even going to get into the inherently flawed and racist reasoning for demanding slave reparations. The most interesting thing about this story is how the mainstream media turned a non-story into major news. On Saturday, all of the television news channels and mainstream media websites were reporting this story. I originally heard “THOUSANDS” rallied in support of slave reparations. I assumed the vague “thousands” was the media’s way of hiding the actual numbers at the rally.

A friend of mine who watched part of the rally on C-SPAN said there couldn’t have been more than five or six hundred. Today, websites are claiming “hundreds rallied.” CNN, MSNBC, and AP. Why would the media bother to report this non-story if only “hundreds showed”? Is it because they sent reporters, cameras, and satellite trucks and had to justify the costs? Or is Big Media trying to show how powerful it is by manufacturing popular support for slave reparations, even when there clearly is no support?

I’m curious how many of the “hundreds” were members of the media. Here’s The Onion’s satirical take on the media reporting KLAN RALLIES. Seventy percent of rally attendees in this lampoon are undercover reporters.

According to a CNN/Gallup Poll taken in February, 90% of white Americans think the government should not make cash payments to black Americans who are descendants of slaves.