Tuesday, August 20, 2002

A reader asked me, “If I’m trying to hide my name, why do I allow other websites to publish my name.” The answer is that I’m not really trying to hide my name; I’m just trying to make it more difficult to be penalized for my opinions.

I don’t get paid to blog or write, and my career working for others in the world of business and marketing is not over. The only legitimate threat to me is an overly nosy future employer or co-worker who wants to find out more about me with a simple Internet search. I use the moniker “davemeck” to prevent a simple Google search on my name from going directly to my blog. I have no doubt that my opinions could be used against me by an over zealous manager or human resources representative.

I don’t think I’m hiding much with “davemeck.” My moniker is a simple contraction of my name. I send e-mails to others regarding my blog with a Verizon e-mail account that contains my full name in the address and signature. If I were truly concerned about my name being used, I would send e-mails through a Yahoo account, I would use a more elaborate pseudonym, and other websites would refer to me by my pseudonym. I certainly wouldn’t link to sites that used my real name either. Here’s some more information on anonymous and pseudonymous blogging HERE, HERE, and HERE.