Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I requested a seasonal disconnect for my cable television at the beginning of June. Of course the cable company never came over to disconnect my cable. This is the third time I have been granted this gift from the cable gods. When I was a student in Madison, Wisconsin, I decided I was watching too much television, so I cancelled my cable. They never came over to disconnect it. When I lived in Studio City, the cable company never disconnected the cable when the previous occupant cancelled. I lived there for three years without ever seeing a bill, but I received a lot of direct mail pieces asking me to sign up. In all three residences, the coaxial cable went directly from the wall to my cable-ready television. Not having a cable converter box probably greatly increases the possibility of free cable, and I realize this is getting harder with the switch to digital cable, which requires converter boxes. A friend of mine said the cable company never came over to collect his converter box when he cancelled, so there's hope for everyone.