Wednesday, August 28, 2002

The mainstream media is starting to pick up stories on the proposed secessions of the San Fernando Valley and Hollywood from the city of Los Angeles. Both secession plans are on the November ballot. I live in West L.A. and I support both plans.

All of the Los Angeles politicians are against it. They claim secession will hurt L.A.’s prestige and national clout, but we all know it’s about greed and power. Secession means one million less people L.A. politicians don’t have power over, and that’s a bad thing for their egos.

The reason everyone should support L.A. secession is because it will cut down on government waste and theft. In business, economies of scale can result in huge cost savings. In government, it’s just the opposite. The larger the government entity, the more money ends up unaccounted for or is wasted on pork. The federal government can’t account for a few trillion dollars over the last 10 years. If someone went through L.A.’s books, I’m certain we would find billions unaccounted for.