Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Welcome to The Sabertooth Journal. The purpose of this web log will be for me to provide pro-free market and individual liberty comments and editorials on politics, business, society, culture, entertainment, and sports. I intend to emphasize ideas currently in the news and provide accompanying links, but I will also comment on ideas as they come up, even if they are not in the news. I encourage my readers to send me e-mails with questions, comments, corrections, and suggestions. Though I won't be providing a message board or public comments, I would like this to be as participatory as possible.

This web log is being hosted on Blogger's free blog service for the time being. I hope to generate enough interest so I can move The Sabertooth Journal to another server with its own web address. These next few weeks, I'll be trying to work out all of the bugs with the current Blogger service. I'm already having problems with the archive's template code not updating, and Blogger has not shown an interest in resolving this. I hoped to upgrade to Blogger Pro in the near future, but I'll reconsider if Blogger continues to not take an interest in my very simple technical problem.