Monday, August 26, 2002

Employment experts SAY provocative pictures on your desk at the job--wives in swim suits, husbands with bare chests, naked babies--could result in sexual harassment claims, lost productivity, or a tarnished company image. I still say family pictures on one’s desk at the office show a lack of commitment to the firm. Show me an employee with pictures of his kids on his desk, and I’ll show you an employee who cuts out 15 minutes early to watch Little League games.

UPDATE: A reader asks if it's okay to put pictures of his employer's family on his desk instead. No, this is not okay. It shows the employee is committed to the firm, but it is also shows the employee has deficiencies in critical traits, such as judgement, independence, courage, accountability, intelligence, and organizational politics. Broadcasting to your co-workers that you are a sycophant is a sure way to lose all credibility.