Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I saw the movie SIGNS starring Mel Gibson last weekend. I'm giving the movie four stars out of four. The movie did an excellent and humorous job of integrating extraterrestrial "science" into the storyline and dialog. One notable extraterrestrial legend absent from the film was the use of anal probes by alien visitors.

Emphasis from "extraterrestrial experts" on anal probes of humans by alien visitors blows the entire idea of UFO's and alien contact for me. Earth has sent its greatest pilots, scientists, and cream of the crop into space to study and advance our civilization, yet an even greater civilization that has mastered space and maybe even time has built its space program around the equivalent of moronic teenagers with ass fetishes. This alien civilization is so advanced that it's not considered a waste of resources to travel across the galaxy to give anal probes, or these aliens know everything there is to know about the universe except what humans keep in their colons. I don't get it.