Wednesday, August 28, 2002

Monday, I REPORTED the Los Angeles School Board was considering banning the sale of soda at all Los Angeles Unified School District campuses. Yesterday, the school board did vote for the soda sale ban to take effect January 2004.

This story received a lot of local media coverage in Los Angeles. KABC CHANNEL 7 led last night's 11:00 newscast with the story. THE LOS ANGELES DAILY NEWS put the story on this morning's front page, just above the fold. I give the LOS ANGELES TIMES credit for putting the story on the front page of Section B--state and local news.

I can't believe that the local media thinks this is big news, but they don't think incompetent teachers, grossly low reading scores, a state crackdown on home-schooling parents, political indoctrination in public schools, and teachers unions illegally using union dues for political purposes are news stories. No, wait a minute. I do believe it.