Monday, August 26, 2002

The 10-day Earth Summit opens today in Johannesburg. South African President, Thabo Mbeki, called on Sunday for an end to “GLOBAL APARTEID” between the rich and poor. The leaders of poor nations are of course demanding more aid, instead of pulling their people out of poverty by delivering the rule of law, democratic elections, property rights, and capitalism. Even Britain is now BLAMING America for the world’s poor, because of America’s refusal to give more handouts to corrupt world leaders.

Radley Balko at THE AGITATOR notes the obvious bias in CNN’s COVERAGE. The third paragraph of CNN’s articles states, “More than 60,000 delegates are in the city to find ways of reducing world poverty without repeating the environmental damage caused by industry in the West.” This isn’t the reporter quoting anyone. This is the reporter’s own opinion in a news article. Radley sets the reporter straight on the facts.

Meanwhile next door in Zimbabwe, the racist President Robert Mugabe is causing a famine by confiscating white-owned farms. Now Mugabe's wife is PARTICIPATING in the thievery.