Tuesday, September 10, 2002

For the past few months, many on the left opposed to war have developed a "CHICKENHAWK" SMEAR CAMPAIGN for civilian military leaders who support a war against Iraq and other Middle East dictators and did not serve in the military. SOME BLOGGERS and MAINSTREAM PRESS have already addressed this issue, and most are questioning the basis of the chickenhawk argument.

I see something else in the chickenhawk smear campaign: another hypocritical left-wing argument. These are the same people who have written about, protested, and demanded change in American military policy, particularly in regards to social policy, for the past 12 years. Homosexuals, women, and minorities in the military--the left-wing and its media friends all had an opinion, but they never served in the military. They accused others of "ignorance," yet they never understood the dynamics and culture of the military. The left wing thinks its opinion should count in military matters, but now it accuses others of being unqualified to make military decisions.

I don't fault many from the Vietnam generation for making a very rational choice to delay, to make easier, or to avoid military service during the Vietnam War, where the chance of death or horrible injury was high. But since the early 1980's, serving in the American military is a completely different world. Every American under 40 who meets the qualifications has had the opportunity to serve in a professional, well-equipped military, without interfering with school or career plans and without a realistic fear of being killed in a protracted war. But still the left wing refused to serve.

I spent six years in the Marine Corps Reserve in the 90's as an infantry rifleman. I mostly decided to join because this was an opportunity for adventures and experiences I knew I would never have. I also decided to join because I had always been interested in the military growing up and knew I would be interested in discussing military affairs as an adult, but I didn't want to be a hypocrite for passing up my opportunity to serve. I never saw combat and I could have done more, but I think serving in the Marine Reserve infantry meets the minimum requirement, especially considering every Marine Reserve infantry unit was called to active duty for the Gulf War--with two-thirds actually going to the Persian Gulf. I never anticipated commenting on the military specifically in a web log, but here I am commenting.

Few things have given me as much pleasure as the hypocritical defense of Bill Clinton by women's groups. These women's groups have shown how devoid of principles they really are, and I enjoy bringing this up at every appropriate occasion. In the very near future, I'm certain I will have the pleasure of pointing out the hypocritical nature of left-wing anti-war politicos and journalists who question every single military policy and belittle others for not serving, when they refused to serve even in peacetime. The left continues to show that their arguments are not based on principles, but are based on a hatred of the military and a hatred of America itself.