Monday, September 09, 2002

LOS ANGELES COUNTY HAS MAPPED the homes of registered sex offenders on THIS WEBSITE.

A STRANGE GOOGLE MIRROR SITE can beat the Chinese government's blocking of access to the Google search engine.

THE EUROPEAN UNION IS A THREAT to Switzerland's financial and banking system.

CNN IS REPORTING THERE IS HIDDEN DATA on your driver's license. Machines can store the information it reads for driver's licences.

THE FBI WILL BEGIN DATA MINING commercial databases.

This shouldn't be a surprise, but HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTS RAISING TAXES on the wealthiest Americans to pay for war with Iraq.

While bird droppings destroy a neighborhood, BOULDER, COLORADO IS CONSIDERING making the city a bird sanctuary.

ATTORNEY GENERAL ASHCROFT'S APPOINTMENTS to a domestic-violence advisory committee are being assailed. BRIAN CARNELL ASKS if a Colorado County's fast-track domestic violence program is constitutional.