Wednesday, September 04, 2002

Here are interesting stories and commentary from today.


I have a few articles regarding the World Summit in Johannesburg. SECRETARY OF STATE COLIN POWELL was actually jeered when accusing the racist Mugabe's Zimbabwean government of causing famine with "mismanagement," which is putting it nicely. MUGABE IS BLAMING BRITAIN and other rich nations for his racist policies. THE UNITED STATES AND DEVELOPING NATIONS were able to score a victory by rejected targets for renewable energy like wind and solar power. REASON EXPLAINS why properties rights are environmental rights.

A WEALTHY WORKING ELDERLY ACTRESS testifies before Congress that ageism plagues Hollywood. There is no word whether she will use her own money to fund entertainment projects that hire other older actresses.

MEDIA MINDED, A MEDIA BLOG, writes that a Philadelphia newspaper is apologizing for reporting facts and including pictures of at-large murder suspects--who happened to be black. HERE'S THE APOLOGY from the newspaper. AND HERE'S THE STORY about the group calling for the resignations of the editors.

A MAJORITY OF EUROPEANS say America is partly to blame for 9/11. This survey shows how devoid of morals the Euro-Jackasses are. JANE GALT TOOK HER OWN SURVEY and found out Europeans were entirely to blame for many atrocities of the 20th century.

THE ANGRY CLAM IS REPORTING that the UC-Berkeley administration finds the Star Spangled Banner "divisive" and red, white, and blue ribbons "offensive."

CONGRESS IS CONSIDERING CUTTING the federal excise tax on alcohol.

THE HAWAII REPORTER SAYS federal mandates ensure children are left behind.

AN IGNORANT PARENT WANTS A TEACHER FIRED for teaching vocabulary that included the word "niggardly." In similar stories from the past, A UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN STUDENT accused her professor of racism for using "niggardly," and A WASHINGTON, D.C. OFFICIAL was forced to resign for using the word in a private staff meeting.

THE MAYOR OF LONDON admits to feeling safer in New York City. In 1996, the United Kingdom banned handguns, and naturally GUN CRIME SKYROCKETED.