Monday, September 02, 2002

I don’t usually watch the local news on television in Los Angeles, because it’s like watching Court TV meets Entertainment Tonight. There are a few minutes of celebrity fluff each newscast, and I guarantee a celebrity arrest will be the lead story. So when important local news occurs, sometimes I miss it.

It took me five days to find out, but there was a TRIPLE MURDER a few blocks from my home. You’re thinking, “So what? It’s L.A.” Not so fast. Los Angeles isn’t as crime-ridden as you think. Before this, there had only been two murders this year in LAPD’s West Los Angeles Division, which has approximately 215,000 residents. And yes, these murders took place on the very same world-famous Bundy Drive, approximately a half mile south from two murders in 1994. I hear O.J. is still looking for the killers in that incident.

Find out more about what the LAPD is up to in West Los Angeles in THE LAPD WEST L.A. NEWSLETTER. Now if I could only get the LAPD to care that homeless people are using the neighborhood's carports for their bathrooms, I'd be a satisfied citizen.

In other local news, it’s really hot around here. It hit 101 in Downtown L.A. yesterday, and it was definitely into the 90’s in West L.A., much closer to the beach. Most of us on Westside don’t have air conditioning, so sweat is dripping down my face as I write this.