Thursday, September 05, 2002

Here are interesting stories and commentary from today. I'll try to write this feature in the morning from now on, so my readers can read this at work.

DAVE KOPEL SAYS THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN is not inclined to celebrate diversity or remember its own history. THE UNIVERSITY OF WISCONSIN ORIGINALLY FORBID the West Virginia mascot from bringing its musket to the football stadium. One day the University of Wisconsin will figure out why I don't give money to my alma mater. In related commentary, WES VERNON SAYS THE HARD LEFT dominates college campuses. This isn't really news, but the commentary was written today.

ANDREW SULLIVAN SAYS THE NEW YORK TIMES is passing off editorials as news stories again. (Scroll down to third entry, "Back from Vacation.")

THE MEDIA RESEARCH CENTER GIVES a summary of celebrity views on the War on Terrorism.

THE CHRISTIAN SCIENCE MONITOR REPORTS on a major test of gay rights in Miami.

DEMOCRATS ARE RALLYING TO PROTECT UNIONS in a federal government agency. Government workers protected by labor unions is one of the biggest threats to liberty in America. In a related story, ANOTHER UNION IS STEALING UNION DUES to pay for politics.

THE WASHINGTON TIMES IS REPORTING that the United States accomplished most of its goals at the World Summit in Johannesburg. SOME PARTICIPANTS AT THE WORLD SUMMIT are calling its failure a good thing for developing nations.

LISA SNELL SAYS SCHOOLS' OBSESSION WITH FEELINGS are teaching kids the wrong lessons about 9/11.

CNN REPORTS IT IS GETTING EASY to be spied on, while almost HALF OF AMERICANS anticipate giving up some freedoms for security.