Sunday, September 08, 2002

The following links are to news and commentary from this weekend and earlier in the week that I didn't get a chance to post.

SECRETARY OF STATE POWELL SAYS the world should be "outraged" at Saddam Hussein. Unfortunately, most of the world leaders lack morals and courage. MIDDLE EAST DICTATORS still oppose an American attack on Iraq, because it puts their jobs and lives in jeopardy. MARY ROBINSON, HEAD U.N HUMAN RIGHTS KOOK and enemy of the fundamental freedoms of capitalism, property rights, and free trade, is accusing governments of using the war of terrorism to trample on civil liberties. THE POPE SAYS the international community must eliminate the injustices that feed terrorism. If the pope is talking about the injustices of unelected leaders, a failure to protect property rights, government corruption, the undermining of the rule of law and due process, the greed of the welfare state, and the restraint of trade, I could not agree with him more.

MUSLIM EXTREMISTS WILL MEET IN LONDON to celebrate the anniversary of September 11. MEANWHILE, SAUDI ARABIAN SCHOOLS still brainwash their children to hate America. These Islamic schools ACTUALLY EXIST IN AMERICA, TOO.

It turns out that America was not alone in wanting an International Criminal Court exemption. FRANCE NEGOTIATED A SECRET EXEMPTION for its own peacekeepers back in 1998.

SIX FEDERAL AGENCIES WASTED $19 BILLION by making erroreous payments last year.

CHUCK MORSE NAMES the 59 socialists in Congress.

CALIFORNIA GOVERNOR DAVIS SIGNED the state budget bill, which amazingly was 2% smaller than the last budget. Even with the budget cut, California is running a huge deficit.

AN ALASKAN MAN IS SUING THE POLICE for selling his property after a drug arrest. This is more evidence on how drug seizure laws are abused and clearly violate the intent of the Fifth Amendment.

THE PRIVATIZATION OF THE PHILADELPHIA SCHOOL SYSTEM has begun. Private companies and outside entities are now running 45 of 264 Philadelphia schools. SCHOOL-CHOICE ADVOCATES ELSEWHERE IN PENNSYLVANIA are preparing to make a new push for vouchers. SAMUEL BLUMENFELD EXPLAINS HOW public schools destroy the minds of American children. Meanwhile in France, FRENCH STUDENTS CAN NOW GET TIME IN JAIL for insulting their teachers.

THE L.A. TIMES MISNAMES this article on slave reparations by putting "heal wounds" in the title. Slave reparations would do just the opposite.

MATT WELCH WRITES A REFUTATION of the "death of dissent" myth in the National Post.

And finally, I have two interesting commentaries from InstaPundit. THIS FIRST COMMENTARY ON SWEDEN continues the recent discussions on how socialism has zapped the wealth of Sweden. THIS SECOND COMMENTARY ON THE MEDIA is a collection of thoughts on why the public rightly loathes the established media.