Saturday, September 14, 2002

A reader send me this LINK to left-wing propaganda posters. There weren't really any comments in the e-mail, so I suppose he just wanted me to take a look at the type of message the left is putting out these days. I decided to investigate one step further and read more on the guy behind these dishonest posters.

It turns out this left-wing kook is a writer of children's cartoons. I've always suspected socialists of trying to brainwash America's children with left-wing ideology in cartoons, just like teachers do in public schools. A good example of this is HEY ARNOLD! THE MOVIE from this summer. The lead character in the cartoon saves his neighborhood from an evil industrialist with a Ronald Reagan-like voice who plans on building a mall. Never mind that the local residents would like the convenience of a nearby mall. Never mind that property values will go up from the desirability of a nearby mall. Never mind that a business was privately funding a mall without taxpayer dollars. The message of the movie is private investment for the purpose of making a profit is evil.

The other interesting thing about this guy behind these left-wing propaganda posters is he's promoting his military service in the Army Rangers, including taking part in the invasion of Panama. I love it when pissed-off veterans use their supposedly secret inside knowledge of the inner workings of the military to justify their left-wing politics. It's even funnier when left-wing hypocrites who loathe everything about the American military give these disgruntled veterans a place of honor in their circle, and parade these veterans out for mindless protests.