Saturday, September 14, 2002

THIS ACADEMIC PAPER BY JOHN J. RAY was published in FrontPage Magazine. The paper is on the underlying psychology of the left wing. Mr. Ray argues that the left wing is "motivated by strong ego needs — needs for power, attention, praise and fame."

My hypothesis is similar. I've always believed that the left wing is motivated by elitism and arrogance, which really are ego problems. I really believe that American liberals in government and the media think they are superior to the common American. If they truly believed their message (and it's possible they don't), they believe that Americans are too stupid and incapable of making their own decisions and being responsible for their own lives. But thank God these great liberal elites were put on earth to protect us idiots from ourselves.

And let's not forgot how wealthy someone can become from being a left-wing proponent of wealth redistribution. America's Founding Fathers believed taxes could be kept in check as long as they applied to everyone, including elected representatives. But the Founding Fathers had no idea that over $1 trillion would flow in and out of Washington, D.C., which makes many not just powerful, but rich. When a representative leaves office, he can make millions as a Washington lawyer or lobbyist taking care of and getting business from his former colleagues. And this liberal will gladly pay 50% in taxes on those millions that he otherwise would never have. Bill and Hillary Clinton are also happy to pay high taxes on $20 million in book deals that they otherwise would not have. I guess it's okay for liberals to get rich, because they "care" about the rest of us.