Thursday, September 05, 2002

CNN REPORTS THAT A TURKISH COUPLE living in Germany have been refused permission to name their child Osama bin Laden. Names registered in Germany must meet certain criteria. German officials refused the registration because the name would not be allowed in Turkey. German law states that the names of non-Germans must meet the standards of their home country.

I found the last sentence of this short article to be the most interesting. The last sentence reads, "The United States blames al Qaeda and its leader, Saudi-born bin Laden, for the September 11 attacks." Is CNN trying to be objective, or is CNN making an editorial comment here? Does America simply blame al-Qaeda and bin Laden or is it a fact that they committed the September 11 attacks? We have admissions on tape and ample public evidence that proves they did it. There's really no need to use watery language to protect against libel, so what is CNN really saying here?