Monday, September 16, 2002

Here's AN ARTICLE FROM THE LOS ANGELES TIMES that provides a lot of evidence for ending public support for education, because of the wasted money, huge bureaucracy, litigation, and shirking of responsible by parents. The article focuses on some changes in special education that parents don't like. Some of the highlights from the article include:
(1) The Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) has 86,000 special education students out of 736,000 total students. And remember, schools have a financial incentive to diagnose a student to be disabled, because it means more tax dollars for the school.
(2) The LAUSD now spends about $145 million a year on outside contractors and private schools for special education services that are unavailable in district schools, which is double what it spent in 1997.
(3) The LAUSD was reimbursing one family $18,000 a year in tuition money for the private school their son was attending. Yes, that's $18,000 for one child, being paid for by tax dollars.
(4) The district spends $1.2 billion on special education, or 13% of its overall budget of $9 billion
(5) Attorneys fees fighting parents who want more money spent on their "disabled" children is up to $2.7 million now.

You can use the username "sabertooth1" and password "sabertooth1" to read the article if you don't already have a free L.A. Times password.